Friday, December 12, 2014

Universal Conectivity and Access

Universal access has been a buzzword in the various IT related policy documents. ICT and specifically the broadband Internet has been promoted by various technology-enthusiasts (institutions and actors) with having a potential to be a significant contributor to the national GDP providing a outlet out of poverty for similar significant numbers, as a platform that is fair and equal to all irrespective of the variations in all spheres of the society. This blog is a small step to provide an insight into the variation in access and use of the Internet and related technological platforms such as fixed-line broadband and mobile telecommunication from the local perspective. The blog will showcase results from the projects run by Martin Chautari on Universal Connectivity which includes field research, policy reviews, stakeholder interviews, technological surveys and historical analysis of the Internet-based technologies. The field research included household questionnaire survey, in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, case-studies and ethnography of the institutions and actors involved in the Internet construction, maintenance and use.